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Everything you need to know about your BeCaster; From setting it up to positioning for optimal performance. The Becast knowledge base is available to all customers within the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our most common questions and answers below.

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Contact Support

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Becast FAQ

Does Becast transmitters work with all smartphones?

The Becast transmitter (BeCaster) sends notifications to Android smartphones. Android acquired a massive smartphone market share of 84.82% in 2016 (source: Statista). You do not require an accompanying Android phone for the transmitter to work. The transmitter is a standalone device.

Is a special app required to receive a notification?

No special app is required. Bluetooth and location services must be switched on to receive a notification.

Will a user receive a notification whilst their phone is sleeping or switched off?

The phone typically scans for a few seconds after the screen is turned on.

How far does the transmitter broadcast?

The Becast transmitter can broadcast up to 70 metres in an open space (this is reduced by blockages in the transmission path such as walls / dense objects).

Can multiple transmitters be used to cover a wider radius?

Yes, multiple transmitters can work together to display the same notification or in succession to display a series of messages. A notification will display whilst in proximity.

Would a notification disrupt the phone user?

Notifications are soft and are displayed in the notification tray.

What if a user dismisses a notification?

If the notification has been dismissed on a device recently, that device may not show another notification a period of time. The Android backoff policy is also reset if the user opens the Google Settings.

What can I point a notification to?

Your notification can point to either a website, social page (like Facebook or Twitter), media page (like YouTube or Vimeo) or app in the Google Play Store. Simply enter the URL for your website, social page, media page or Google Play Store app page in the activation form. The destination page must contain content (iFrames are not considered to be content) for a notification to display.

If your chosen URL is SSL secure (https) then your notification will display the icon associated to your URL. If your website is not SSL secure (http) then your notification will display the Google Chrome icon.

Can I change my notification?

Our technicians are on hand to update your notification. You may update your notification via the control panel. We charge £9.99 per notification update. Please allow 2 working days for our technicians to perform this update. If you require many updates throughout your service period then please contact our sales team on 01904 862092 (opt. 1) for pricing.

I have ordered new BeCasters, when should I expect delivery?

Please allow our technicians up to 10 days to program, activate and ship your transmitters. We will send you an email when your transmitters are dispatched.

When will my BeCasters be live?

If you have already received your transmitters then please allow our technicians up to 2 working days to activate them. If you have ordered and pre-activate new transmitters online then your transmitter will be ready to use out of the box.