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Becast is a breakthrough technology helping you potentially connect with thousands of passing consumers per month.

Your bespoke transmitters will broadcast a personalised notification to smartphones up to 70 metres away*. Customise your notification after checkout with a title and clickable URL directing users to your website or social page.

How to Setup Becast

1. Buy wireless Becast devices. Just £79.99/yr with no monthly subscription

2. Pre-Activate your BeCasters after checkout and choose a promotional message and website link

3. Your Becast devices will be delivered and will broadcast your message to passing smartphones

Buy Becast Transmitters

BeCaster Box

Only £79.99 each + Free Delivery
Please see checkout for additional currencies.


1 BeCaster with Guaranteed 12 Month Battery
1 Window Sticker & 1 Instruction Card
12 Month Service
Purchase & Pre-Activate Online
Free Worldwide Delivery

*70 metres achievable in open space. Android smartphones only (84.82% of the global smartphone market) using KitKat 4.4 or above with bluetooth and data.