Becast for Retail

Becast BeCaster for Retail

Becast transmitters in your shop will communicate directly with your shoppers. Send a personalised message with a clickable link that can point to your online shop, promotional page, blog posts or social page... the potential is endless!

Influence shopping decisions by sending a relevant notification that offers value. Becast can help deliver these notifications, prompting spontaneous purchasing decisions.

Becast can perform the simple job of reminding the consumer to use the retail app at the right point in time helping enhance the shopping experience.

How to Setup Becast

1. Buy wireless Becast devices. Just £79.99/yr with no monthly subscription

2. Pre-Activate your BeCasters after checkout and choose a promotional message and website link

3. Your Becast devices will be delivered and will broadcast your message to passing smartphones

Buy Becast Transmitters

BeCaster Box

Only £79.99 each + Free Delivery
Please see checkout for additional currencies.


1 BeCaster with Guaranteed 12 Month Battery
1 Window Sticker & 1 Instruction Card
12 Month Service
Purchase & Pre-Activate Online
Free Worldwide Delivery

Becast Key Features

No App Required


Send notifications to Android users with no pre-installed app required

Custom Notifications


Customise your notification with text and a clickable website or social media link

Batetry Operated


Our transmitters are battery operated and can go anywhere... in bars, shops, vans and more

Track Usage


Simply purchase online and activate within minutes ready for delivery